We were longing to blog for a while and we thought long and hard about it and hurray finally we are here. I’m kind of little bit nervous when I start to think how I could make this blog interesting. Should I start telling you more about eSourceIt Technologies or is it wise to have a walkthrough of the various services we offer like website design, web development, graphics design nevertheless I am not going to do that.

Let’s make it simple, after all it’s my first blog and I wanted it to be more useful to the readers, so I have decided to share you the things which I required to start a blog say it a checklist sort of thing for starting a blog. Yay! I got my blog title, Checklist for First time Bloggers. Here you go with the list and of course I assume this is more vital for all bloggers.

Beginners Checklist for setting up a Blog:

  1. Logo, if you have it ready well and good, no worries for time being you can write it in a preferred font that is available.
  2. A clear navigational bar to stroll around your site.
  3. A proper font selection, clear I meant not too complicated.
  4. Related tags for the post.
  5. Comment Box, for users to share their views
  6. About Page, a little bit about yourself
  7. Contact Information, for readers to contact you
  8. Social Sharing buttons, to share your posts on their pages
  9. Newsletter Opt-in Forms
  10. Site Map

The above 10 points are essential for starting a blog, however the checklist expands when you consider google and would like to grow in your audience. I will keep you posted about the checklist for making your blog effective in the upcoming posts. Watch out for more information and stay tuned!!